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Best Poster Award for SWZ master student


Best Poster Award for SWZ master student Kieu-Anh Doan at summerschool Material 4.0 at TU Dresden

At the summer school Material 4.0 at TU Dresden the paper “Molecular dynamics simulations of nanoindentation into Aluminium: Influence of oxidation”  by SWZ master student Kieu-Anh Doan was awarded the "Best Poster Award”.

The student from the Vietnamese-German University in Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt is conducting her master thesis under the supervision of SWZ Jun. Prof. Gunkelmann and Prof. Klaus Hackl (University of Bochum) at TU Clausthal.

In her thesis, molecular dynamics simulations are used to investigate the influence of oxidation on indentation in aluminium. This material is strongly influenced by oxidation, because even under ultravacuum conditions aluminium is always covered with oxide layers.

She is very happy about the award: "Attending DCMS 4.0 poster competition allowed me to present my research to the top experts in material science. Here, I can make friends with students who are currently working in the same field. In fact, the content of the poster is my thesis topic which I have been working on in TU Clausthal and I hadn't thought that I had any chance to win the poster prize. I want to send my gratitude to my supervisor Jun.Prof.Nina Gunkelmann and M.Sc Luu Hoang Thien in Simulation Science Center Clausthal / Göttingen for giving me great instruction and valuable suggestions for my research as well as making poster."