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Simulation Science

Simulation Science

Photo: Olaf Möldner

In nearly all areas of science and technology computer simulations play an increasing role for a priori and post calculations of processes, events and properties. Some research areas like long and short term weather and climate forecast completely depend on simulation technology. But also for example in automotive industry the end of classic prototyping and the beginning of completely simulation based product development has been announced. In material science new materials and compounds with desired characteristics are developed using computer science, which is named Computational Materials Design.

Regardless using which methods and having which objective targets when using simulation: By now Simulation science is an integral part in the principles of operations in many university and extramural research facilities, for industries and for authorities. The area of tasks ranges from the utilization of commercial simulation software to the development of new methods and efficient software for specific problems.

Simulation science depends very much on input from very different other disciplines. Ways of working from mathematics, computer sciences and also natural science and engineering are connected closely and are founding the interdisciplinary character of this area – commonly the area of simulation science is used as an example for transdisciplinary research. Simulation science covers both specific work for particular fields of application and also more methodic oriented cross-sectional and basic research.