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Lecture Series "Simulation Sciences"

As a own, institution-wide curriculum, the SWZ has the lecture series "Simulation Sciences", held in Clausthal and in Göttingen in exchange. In this lecture different aspects and applications of the simulation studies are presented by external lecturers.

International Simulation Science Semester

Every winter term TU Clausthal (TUC) offers an International Simulation Science Semester (IS3). It is organized jointly by the Simulation Science Center Clausthal / Göttingen (SWZ) and the International Center Clausthal (IZC). This course offer is a great opportunity for students to gain experience and orientation in international study programs required in a globalized world.

Recorded lectures

The following lectures and events, which are in relation to the SWZ, are available online through the video server of Clausthal University of Technology:

Furthermore, if their lecturer agree, the lectures, which are held as part of the lecture series "Simulation Sciences", are recorded and made available online.