Publication list


In the following list you can find the publications that have been created as part of SWZ projects. Further data, source codes, etc. about the publications and projects can be found on the Open data page.


  • S. Hampel, I. A. Alhafez, T. Schirmer, N. Merkert, S. Wunderlich, A. Schnickmann, H. Li, M. Fischlschweiger, U. E. A. Fittschen. Engineering Compounds for the Recovery of Critical Elements from Slags: Melt Characteristics of Li5AlO4, LiAlO2, and LiAl5O8. ACS Omega, DOI: 10.1021/acsomega. 4c00723, 2024.
  • U. E. A. Fittschen, S. Hampel, T. Schirmer, N. Merkert. Multimodal spectroscopy and molecular dynamic simulations to understand redox-chemistry and compound formation in pyrometallurgical slags: example of manganese oxidation state with respect to lithium recycling. Appl. Spectrosc. Rev., DOI: 10.1080/05704928.2024.2350988, 2024.
  • I. A. Alhafez, O. R. Deluigi, D. Tramontina, N. Merkert, H. M. Urbassek, E. M. Bringa. Nanoindentation into a bcc high-entropy HfNbTaTiZr alloy – an atomistic study of the effect of short-range order. Sci. Rep. 14:9112, 2024.
  • D. Thürmer, H.-T. Luu, N. Merkert. Molecular dynamics simulation of shock waves in Fe and Fe–C: Influence of system characteristics. J. Appl. Phys. 135:155901, 2024
  • A. Herzog: A Discrete Process Modelling Study of ARGESIM Benchmark ’C2 – Flexible Assembly System’ with Warteschlangensimulator. In: Simulation Notes Europe 34(1), 2024, 23-28.
  • A. Herzog: A Discrete Process Modelling Study of ARGESIM Comparison ’C22 – Non-standard Queuing Policies’ with Warteschlangensimulator. In: Simulation Notes Europe 34(1), 2024, 29-34.



  • I. A.Alhafez,  O.R. Deluigi, D. Tramontina, C. J. Ruestes, E. M. Bringa, H. M. Urbassek. Simulated nanoindentation into single-phase fcc FexNi1-x alloys predicts maximum hardness for equiatomic stoichiometry. Sci Rep. 13(1):9806, 2023.
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  • S. Raumel, K. Barienti, H.-T. Luu, N. Merkert, F. Dencker, F. Nürnberger, H.J. Maier, M. C. Wurz. Characterization of the tribologically relevant cover layers formed on copper in oxygen and oxygen-free conditions. Friction,  DOI: 10.1007/s40544-022-0695-5, 2023.
  • I. Alabd Alhafez, M. Kopnarski, H.M. Urbassek. Multiple Scratching: An Atomistic Study. Tribol Lett 71: 46, 2023.
  • I. Alabd Alhafez, M. Kopnarski, H. M. Urbassek. Scratching a soft layer above a hard substrate. Philosophical Magazine,, 2023.
  • G.S. Dutta, D. Meiners, N. Merkert. A Study of Free-Form Shape Rationalization Using Biomimicry as Inspiration. Polymers 15:2466, 2023.


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  • A. Herzog, J. Necil, M. Pollet, H. Busch. Methoden und Konzepte des Digitalen Logistikzwillings der AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke (Dillinger). In: Simulation in Produktion und Logistik 2021. Cuvillier Verlag, 2021, 157-166.
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Post-Proceedings of Clausthal-Göttingen International Workshop on Simulation Science