Analysis, Design and Prototyping

Analysis, Design and Prototyping

Analysis and design

The SWZ offers companies the following services:

  • Detection of the actual condition
  • Potential analyzes
  • Simulation studies
  • Formulation of longer-term needs
  • Definition of company-specific IT fields of action
  • Suggestions for design and implementation, implementation preparation.


Prototyping and product development

On the basis of the above-mentioned analysis and design phase or due to corporate requirements alpha versions are developed by employees of the company and / or mediated by SWZ undergraduates and doctoral students. The experts at SWZ accompany, coach and support depending on the requirements and complexity of the individual projects specifically and individually until a well-tested, customized business application is finished.


Competence specific services in the sense of an Application Service Provider (ASP). This is not only economically viable, but it also provides interesting application scenarios in which the products developed by the SWZ are under heavy load and over the Internet in use.