Callcenter Simulator

Callcenter Simulator

Callcenter Simulator is designed to map real call center systems consisting of several sub-call centers, different caller groups, different agent groups (with different skill levels and different shift plans), complex assignment rules, etc. It can be used directly for staff requirements planning and for the analysis of possible control strategies in large call center networks. In addition to pure simulation, the program also provides functions for automatic optimization of the number of agents.

Reflected model properties

  • Varying rate of incoming calls throughout the day
  • Various types of customers
  • Different agent types (and thereby single and multi-skill)
  • Customer impatience and redialing
  • Optional change of customer type in case of a repetition (e.g. from call to e-mail)
  • Forwarding
  • Various customer priorities
  • Splitting of agents to different call centers (with different call prices etc.)


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Callcenter Simulator

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A. Herzog: "Callcenter - Analyse und Management" (Springer, 2017, in German)