Warteschlangensimulator is a free, open source, platform independent, event-driven, stochastic simulator.

Feature overview

  • Graphical modelling of queueing systems
  • Models can be ran as animations or as fast simulations
  • Automatic full statistic data recording
  • Tools for doing parameter studies and optimizations integrated
  • More than 100 station types available
  • Modelling capabilities can be extended via JavaScript or Java code
  • Option to read/write data from or to external files or databases

Graphical modelling

Warteschlangensimulator allows to build queueing models by dragging elements from a templates panel and connecting them by edges. There are more than 100 different station types available. Modelling is very easy and works similar like in many commercial discrete-event simulation tools. For most models no user-defined code is needed. But for modelling complex rules, models can be extended by JavaScript and Java code.

Automatic statistic recording

When running an animation or a simulation, statistic data about all client types and all stations are recorded automatically. This includes waiting times, service times, queue lengths, number of clients at stations etc. For all performance indicators mean, standard deviation, minimum, maximum and histogram values are recorded. After a simulation the values are displayed in form of texts, tables and diagrams and can also be exported. Also a configurable report generator is available.

Fast simulation

Warteschlangensimulator has a very fast, multicore capable simulation engine. On desktop systems for many simulation models >100.000 arrivals/second/core are possible. This makes the simulator fast enough to be used in an interactive way for exploratory model analysis. Also for high precision research questions models with more than 1 billion arrivals can be simulated within seconds to few minutes.


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A. Herzog: "Simulation mit dem Warteschlangensimulator" (Springer, 2021, in German)